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Mass in Motion Action Institute, April 3, 2013

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This is an archive of presentations from the April 3, 2013  Mass in Motion Action Institute.


Welcome and Mass in Motion Overview

Presenter: Dr. Lauren Smith, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

2013 Mass in Motion Action Institute - Dr Smith.pdf


Leading Leaders: Building Leaders through Partnership Development

Presenters: Rose Swensen, Health Resources in Action; Mary Giannetti, Fun 'n FITchburg; Amanda Ryder, MetroWest Moves

Leading Leaders - Building Leaders through Partnership Development.pdf

Partnership Assessment Tool Rev03.pdf

Key Partnership Elements-Action Planning Template Rev02.pdf


Building Healthy Communities through Planning and Design

Presenter: Geoffrey Anderson, Smart Growth America/National Complete Streets Coalition

Building Healthy Communities through Planning and Design - Complete Streets.pdf


Workshop A - Place Making Essentials: Parks and Open Spaces

Presenters: Melissa Cryan, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs; Steve Winslow, Get Gloucester; Julianne Kelly, Mass in Motion Fall River

Place Making Essentials - Parks and Open Spaces - Melissa Cryan.pdf

Place Making Essentials - Parks and Open Spaces - Gloucester.pdf

Place Making Essentials - Parks and Open Spaces Fall River.pdf


Workshop B - Connecting Communities through Pedestrian Paths: Resources, Tools, and Best Practices

Presenters: Nick Downing, Metropolitan Area Planning Council; Tim Reardon, Metropoloitan Area Planning Council; Wendy Landman, WalkBoston; Christina Murphy, Malden is Moving; Lauren Marciszyn, Healthy Futures Franklin

Complete Streets Legislation - MAPC.pdf

KidsAreCommuters - MAPC.pdf

Rural Walking Toolkit - WalkBoston.pdf

Connecting Communities through Pedestrian Paths - Franklin.pdf

Connecting Communities through Pedestrian Paths - Malden.pdf 


Workshop C - Healthy and Farm Fresh: Corner Stores and Farmer's Markets

Presenters: Stephanie Weiss, The Food Trust; Lola Omolodun, Metropolitan Area Planning Council; Josefine Wendel and Kim Motylewski, Cambridge in Motion; Nicole Bourdon, Mass in Motion Springfield

Healthy and Farm Fresh - Corner Stores and Farmers Markets - The Food Trust.pdf

Farmers Market Toolkit Presentation - MAPC.pdf

Farmers Market - Cambridge.pdf

Corner Stores - Springfield.pdf


Workshop D - Implementing School Nutrition Regulations with School Wellness Committees

Presenters: Julianna Valcour, Massachusetts Department of Public Health; Marcia Richards and Patrick Vancott, Healthy Plymouth

School Nutrition Regulations - Julianna Valcour.pdf

School Nutrition Regulations - Plymouth.pdf

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