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Coalition Quality Improvement

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Thursday, October 29, 2015 1:30pm - 3:00pm, EST

Presented by the Community Health Training Institute


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Effective coalitions often use quality improvement strategies to build their initiatives, implement their ideas, evaluate their success, and continuously improve their work. The Model for Improvement and its Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) methodology offers coalitions an approach to organize multi-sector efforts focused around a specific aim, to develop interventions to meet that aim, and to test those interventions through multiple rapid cycle changes. This webinar will introduce the Model for Improvement, demonstrate how to plan and implement PDSAs, share specific examples of collaborative efforts using QI tools, and demonstrate how coalitions can use QI data to jumpstart improvement efforts.


Audience: Coalition leaders, individuals, and partners who want to work effectively and collaboratively towards community health goals.


Learning Objectives: Participants completing the webinar will be able to:
1. Define quality improvement in the context of multi-sector initiatives
2. Name the elements of the Model for Improvement and its method, the PDSA cycle.
3. Identify core concepts in QI to organize a collaborative effort.
4. Describe how to use QI data to assess improvement over time.
5. Describe strategies for sustaining coalitions engaged in long-term QI efforts.



Presenter: Karen Errichetti, Dr.PH, MPH, Health Resources in Action. Read bio.



Facilitator: Daisy Ortega, Health Resources in Action.


Webinar Recording



K.Errichetti Coalition Quality Improvement 10-29-15



Associates in Process Improvement

The Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz

Effectively Engaging Multi-Sector Partnerships

Monitoring and Evaluating Multi-Sector Partnerships

FSG Guide to Evaluating Collective Impact

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Institute for Healthcare Improvement QI Public Health Resources Page

QI Toolkit Roadmap by AHRQ (for Hospitals)

Public Health Performance Management Toolkit

New York State Department of Health Breastfeeding Quality Improvement Change Package

New Jersey Smiles Intervention Change Package



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